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Bill to create dedicated domestic, sexual and gender-based violence agency approved by government 2024

New Study Unveils Domestic Violence Dynamics in Dublin 10: National Discussion Urged

A stark new report reveals critical gaps in support services and refuge spaces, exacerbated by Ireland’s housing and homelessness crisis. Launched by Saoirse Domestic Violence Services, the study “Unveiling the Shadows: Dynamics of Domestic Violence and Abuse in Dublin 10” underscores the urgent need for improved housing policies. It also highlights significant legislative barriers and legal inefficiencies that hinder justice for victims.

Crucially, the research amplifies the voices of victims and survivors, delving into their harrowing experiences of living with and escaping abuse. The findings demand immediate national attention and action to address these pressing issues.

Key Recommendations:

  • Comprehensive training across all sectors interacting with victims of abuse
  • Expanding legal and judicial support
  • Improved data collection and classification
  • Advocating for policy changes
  • Strengthening support services