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Governance & Compliance

Saoirse Housing Association CLG trading as Saoirse Domestic Violence Services, is a company limited by guarantee. It does not have a share capital and is registered in Dublin, Ireland – Companies Registration Office number 390548.

It is a registered charity -Charity Reg. No. 20058296; Revenue CHY number 16281.

We are fully compliant with the Charities Regulatory Authority Governance Code.

We operate a high standard of corporate governance including,

  • An independent Board of Directors from a range of professional backgrounds
  • Our Board members are not remunerated for their time and work for SDVS
  • The Board consists of Staffing, Audit & Finance and Governance sub-committees
  • The Board meets every 6 weeks and produces minutes of every meeting
  • Our CEO reports at board meetings, but is not a member of the Board
  • External auditors conduct annual audited financial statements and report on findings to the Board
  • Transparency for our funders and supporters regarding funds raised and spent