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Court Accompaniment

For many families, attending court, even family court, can be a very stressful, fearful and intimidating time. The fear of the unknown or of possible repercussions of pursuing legal protection, prevents many women from seeking such legal protection. We recognise this and through our Court Accompaniment service, we support families suffering domestic abuse who are attending court for barring / safety orders, access, custody, maintenance orders, etc in an effort to help them seek protection, including attending court for breach of such orders by the perpatrator. Our Court Accompaniment service can be contacted through our Outreach number (Monday-Friday) 087-9982251 or by contacting our 24 hour helpline 01-4630000. We will endeavour to provide pre and post court support, with as much notice as possible to ensure we can accompany you on the day also. Emergency short notice appointments / court dates will be accommodated if at all possible.