24 Hour Help - Call 01 463 0000

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24 Hour Helpline: 01-4630000

If you are experiencing Domestic Violence, reaching out can be daunting, so finding the assistance and support you need is important. 

Our staff are available 24/7 to provide support, information and a listening ear to women experiencing current and past domestic violence. We also provide information to those supporting women living with domestic violence.

The Helpline provides:

  • Emotional Support to women who have / are experiencing domestic violence of any form
  • Confidential non-judgemental support. We do not offer advice but can help provide you with information about your options
  • Practical Support & Information on accessing legal options, housing, social welfare, medical assistance, rights & entitlements, including immigration services
  • Referral & advocacy to appropriate services
  • Referral path to Refuge accommodation or Outreach / Court support
  • 24 hours helpline 01-4630000 or helpline@sdvs.ie