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Request for Tender for Research – Domestic Violence in D10

SDVS wishes to invite researchers to tend for a research project that will provide a thorough examination of domestic violence in the Dublin 10 area.

The research will aim primarily to:

  1. Identify the extent and prevalence of Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) in D10 area.
  2. Identify the reasons why the D10 area has/seems to have a more pronounced presentation of DVA and complicating factors in comparison to other similar areas of Dublin.
  3. Provide detailed information and analysis on the gap between service needs/demand and service delivery.
  4. Identify recommendations on best practice models/approaches to address the gap in service provision and meet needs in the area.


Please see full details of tender here, including primary research questions, anticipated outputs, timeframe & budgets, researcher skills and expertise required & submission details.

Tender Selection Process

Potential candidates will be assessed both on their tender proposal and if required, a follow-up interview.

Tenders should be submitted by email to: Nadine O’Brien – Nadine.obrien@sdvs.ie

Application Deadline

Applications should be submitted before 12 noon on the 7th of August 2023.

Full details of tender can be found here